100th Anniversary

In 2014, the Institute of Plant Science and Resources (IPSR) was celebrating 100 years from its establishment by Magosaburo Ohara, leading entrepreneur, philanthropist and industrialist of Kurashiki City in Japan.

On this page, we kept you informed about the upcoming events to commemorate the 100-year-milestone in IPSR history. The main activities included Commemorative Lecture Series and IPSR Symposium held in October 2014.

On the special occasion of IPSR centennial, a 100-year IPSR Commemorative Book has been published and released in October 2014. It is now possible to download individual chapters or complete book (277MB) in Japanese language here:

    • Table of contents (0.4MB)
    • Preface (3.3MB)
    • Chapter 1: Pictorial of 100 years of IPSR history (158MB)
    • Chapter 2: From Research Institute for Bioresources to Institute of Plant Science and Resources (31MB)
    • Chapter 3: Activities and future prospects (61MB)
    • Chapter 4: Appendices (23MB)

Schedule of events in 2013-2014

2013 – April Opening of centennial webpage
2014 – Oct-2 Centennial Ceremony and Lectures Geibunkan Hall, Kurashiki
2014 – Oct-2 Celebration Dinner Floral Court, Kurashiki
2014 – Oct-3 IPSR Symposium Geibunkan Hall, Kurashiki

Geibunkan Hall (倉敷市芸文館ホール)
TEL: 086-434-0400 http://www.kcpf.or.jp/hall/geibu/index.html
Kurashiki Ivy Square Floral Court (倉敷アイビースクエア フローラルコート)
TEL: 086-422-0011 http://www.ivysquare.co.jp/party/floral.html

Latest News

♠ The Centennial IPSR publication is now available for download (updated 20141006

♠ Invitations for Centennial Ceremony and Lectures, Celebration Dinner and Symposium have been distributed (updated 20140325)

♠ The content of Centennial IPSR publication is now in the final stages of editing and close to print (updated 20140325)

♠ Coming soon: Starting in April we will publish on this page the “Monthly IPSR Galleries” featuring history and presence of the institute. Check them out! (updated 20140325)

♠ The dates for the Commemorative Lecture Series and Ceremony, Centennial Banquet & Celebration and IPSR Symposium have been set to 2nd and 3rd October, 2014. Please check for details bellow… (updated 20140108)

♠ With the beginning of the year 2014, we have opened the Latest News corner to inform you about the most recent activities related to 100-year anniversary of the institute (updated 20140108)

♠ Welcome to the Latest News section! (updated 20140108)


Monthly Centennial Gallery – October

100-year celebration events
Centennial Ceremony and Celebration Dinner have been organized on October-2, followed by the IPSR Symposium on October-3. The picture gallery is a small selection of photos from all three events that marked this special moment in our history. Thank you all very much for your continuous support!

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IPSR – Brief history and mission
With the missionary vision of its founder, Ohara Institute for Agricultural Research was established in 1914 to advance welfare of farmers through improvement of agricultural practices and scientific research. This philosophy and heritage remained leading motivations for the institute until present days. Under its current name, and after association with Okayama University since 1952, it is now aiming development of new generation crops that will be suited for multitude of stress environments, and promote agricultural production in stress-affected areas worldwide.

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As essential tools, IPSR Barley and Wild Plant Resource Center maintains world collection of barley accessions and seeds from wild plants in Japan, and the institute gathers many scientists specialized in plants stress responses. Since 1st April 2010, IPSR is recognized as a “Joint Usage/Research Center” in plant stress science in Japan, acquiring a status of a welcoming collaboration center for domestic and foreign researchers.

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Additional links
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• Visit our Research Groups to learn more about IPSR research focus
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Sponsors of IPSR Centenary
• Ohara Foundation for Agricultural Research  (財団法人大原奨農会)

Contact & enquires
Preparatory Committee for Centennial of IPSR
IPSR, Okayama Univ.,
2-20-1, Chuo, Kurashiki, Okayama,
710-0046, JAPAN
TEL: 086-424-1661; FAX: 086-434-1249
Email: SEE1201ATadm.okayama-u.ac.jp