Life in Kurashiki / Japan

Campus in the city of tradition and culture

You may wonder where IPSR and Kurashiki are located… They are situated in Okayama Prefecture on the largest Honshu island of Japan, in a perfect 30 min driving location from Seto Inland Sea, and surrounded by mountain ridges from the other sides of the city (see in map). Hiking and outdoor activities are just perfect here! Apart from beautiful nature, many Japanese and foreign tourists visit Kurashiki city, one of the renowned historical and cultural centers in Japan. In a consequence, very large number of cultural events, such as fairs and concerts, take place in Kurashiki city on regular basis. Kurashiki Jazz Street festival, hands-made & art markets, traditional autumn Achi shrine festival are just few examples to mention … Come here and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of contemporary life in Japan!

If you want to know more about practical life in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture or Japan, such as housing, learning Japanese, immigration procedures, school fees, scholarships or admission procedures, please refer to Okayama University International Center for detailed information using this external link: