Research / Study Areas

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  • Plant Light Acclimation Research Group
    Faculty: Professor Wataru Sakamoto, Associate Professor Ryo Matsushima
    Lecture: Model Plant Genetics and Breeding, Plant Physiology and Genetics
    Keywords: Photosynthesis, Organelle
  • Group of Environmental Response Systems
    Faculty: Professor Takashi Hirayama, Associate Professor Izumi Mori, Associate Professor Yoko Ikeda
    Lecture: Environmental Stress Response Systems, Advanced Signaling Mechanisms, Plant Molecular Cell Physiology
    Keywords: Stress response, Phytohormone
  • Group of Functional Biomolecular Discovery
    Faculty: Associate Professor Manabu Sugimoto, Assistant Professor Kazuhide Rikiishi
    Lecture: Plant Cellular Biochemistry, Plant Cytomolecular Biochemistry
    Keywords: Extreme environment, Gene function

  • Group of Plant Stress Physiology
    Faculty: Professor Jian Feng Ma, Associate Professor Naoki Yamaji, Associate Professor Namiki Mitani, Assistant Professor Kengo Yokosho
    Lecture: Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Stress Molecular Biology
    Keywords: Mineral stress
  • Group of Plant Molecular Physiology
    Faculty: Professor Maki Katsuhara, Associate Professor Takayuki Sasaki, Assistant Professor Shigeko Utsugi
    Lecture: Physiology of Environmental Responses, Plant Physiology and Function
    Keywords: Aquaporin, Salt stress, Aluminum stress

  • Group of Plant-Microbe Interactions
    Faculty: Professor Nobuhiro Suzuki, Associate Professor Hideki Kondo, Associate Professor Kiwamu Hyodo
    Lecture: Plant-Microbe/Insect Interactions, Advanced Molecular Virology, Applied Plant Virology, Applied Plant-Environmental Microbiology
    Keywords: Virus, Biological control
  • Group of Plant-Insect Interactions
    Faculty: Professor Ivan Galis, Associate Professor Tomonori Shinya
    Lecture: Plant Genetics and Biotic Stress Science, Topics in Plant-Insect Interactions
    Keywords: Plant defense mechanisms, Signaling mechanisms
  • Group of Plant Environmental Microbiology
    Faculty: Associate Professor Akio Tani, Associate Professor Shoko Ueki
    Lecture: Plant-microbial/insect interaction, Applied plant Environmental Microbiology
    Keywords: Bacteria, Methylotrophy, Red tide algae, Red tide virus

  • Group of Genome Diversity
    Faculty: Professor Kazuhiro Sato, Associate Professor Daisuke Saisho, Associate Professor Hiroshi Hisano
    Lecture: Plant Diversity Genetics, Diversity Analysis of Plant Genomes
    Keywords: Barley, Database
  • Group of Wild Plant Science
    Faculty: Associate Professor Hajime Ikeda, Assistant Professor Jun Yamashita
    Keywords: Wild plant, Database, Phylogeny

  • Group of Nuclear Genomics
    Faculty: Professor Toshio Yamamoto, Associate Professor (Ph.D.) Kiyotaka Nagaki Assistant Professor Tomoyuki Furuta
    Lecture: Plant Molecular Cytogenetics, Laboratory Manuals for Plant Bioresource Research, Molecular Biology of the Nucleus, Analytical Molecular Cytogenetics
    Keywords: Rice breeding, Centromere, Artificial chromosome