Group of Genome Diversity

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Faculty staff

Prof. Dr. Kazuhiro SATO
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daisuke SAISHO
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hiroshi HISANO
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Lecture: Plant Diversity Genetics, Diversity Analysis of Plant Genomes
Keywords: Barley; Database; Genome diversity; World barley seed collection

Summary of main research topics

Analysis and application of genome diversity in barley genetic resources
Our group conducts research on the analysis and application of genome diversity using ca. 15,000 accessions of barleys with special reference to East Asian landraces including experimental lines and wild relatives. The subjects of our research are (1) Evaluation of barley genetic resources and genome diversity, (2) Generation and application of information and resources on the barley genome, (3) Analysis of industrially important traits in barley. In addition to seed samples of accessions, cDNA and BAC clones (including individual clones, pooled BAC DNA for screening, high-density replica membranes and complete clone set of barley) were distributed worldwide with the support of the National BioResource Project.

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) Matsushima, R. and Hisano, H. Imaging Amyloplasts in the Developing Endosperm of Barley and Rice. Sci. Rep. 9: 3745. (2019. 3.)
(2) Wu, Z., Wang, N., Hisano, H., Cao, Y., Wu, F., Liu, W., Bao, Y., Wang Z.-Y., and Fu, C. Simultaneous regulation of F5H in COMT-RNAi transgenic switchgrass alters effects of COMT suppression on syringyl lignin biosynthesis. Plant Biotechnol. J. 17: 836-845. (2019. 4.)
(3) Miki, Y., Yoshida, K., Mizuno, N., Nasuda, S., Sato, K. and Takum, S. Origin of wheat B-genome chromosomes inferred from RNA sequencing analysis of leaf transcripts from section Sitopsis species of. Aegilops. DNA Res. 26: 171–182. (2019. 4.)
(4) Tanaka, T., Ishikawa, G., Ogiso-Tanaka, E., Yanagisawa, T. and Sato, K. Development of Genome-Wide SNP Markers for Barley via Reference- Based RNA-Seq Analysis. Frontiers in Plant Sci. 10: 577. doi: 10.3389/fpls. 2019.00577 (2019. 5.)
(5) 那須田周平・佐藤 豊・久野 裕・佐藤和広・小松田隆夫・石川 亮・橋口正嗣・鈴木章弘・星川 健・伊藤 瑛海 バイオリソースと育種学のこれからを考える:NBRPリソースの活用事例から. 育種学研究 21: 81-85. (2019. 5.)
(6) Abe, F., Haque, E., Hisano, H., Tanaka, T., Kamiya, Y., Mikami, M., Kawaura, K., Endo, M., Onishi, K., Hayashi, T. and Sato, K. Genome-Edited Triple-Recessive Mutation Alters Seed Dormancy in Wheat. Cell Rep. 28: 1362-1369. (2019. 7.)
(7) Michikawa, A., Yoshida, K., Okada, M., Sato, K. and Takumi, S. Genome-wide polymorphisms from RNA sequencing assembly of leaf transcripts facilitate phylogenetic analysis and molecular marker development in wild einkorn wheat. Mol. Genet. Genomics 294: 1327-1341. (2019. 10.)