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Faculty staff

Prof. Dr. Shin TAKETA
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Lecture: Plant Genome Research, Functional Analyses of Plant Genetic Resources
Keywords: Morphogenesis; Domestication; Barley; Crop

Summary of main research topics

Molecular genetics of barley: morphology, seed quality, and disease resistance
Barley, regarded as the fourth most important cereal in the world, is used for food, brewing of beer, and animal feed. Different uses require particular quality standards. Our current research specifically examines molecular characterization of barley genes controlling plant morphology, healthy seed constituents, and viral disease resistance. Such basic research is expected to facilitate the breeding of new cultivars. Despite its huge genome size (5 Gbp) with limited genome sequence information, we are identifying many key genes of barley. Our interests also extend to the transfer of outcomes from barley to hexaploid wheat.

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) Milner, S.G., Jost, M., Taketa, S., Mazón, E.R., Himmelbach, A., Oppermann, M., Weise, S., Knüpffer, H., Basterrechea, M., König, P., Schüler, D., Sharma, R., Pasam, RK., Rutten, T., Guo, G., Xu, D., Zhang, J., Herren, G., Müller, T., Krattinger, S.G., Keller, B., Jiang, Y., Gonzalez, M.Y., Zhao, Y., Habekuß, A., Färber, S., Ordon, F., Lange, M., Börner, A., Graner, A., Reif, J.C., Scholz, U., Mascher, M. and Stein, N. Genebank genomics highlights the diversity of a global barley collection. Nature Genetics 51: 319-326. (2019. 2.)
(2) 武田 真・吉川貴徳・本多一郎・吉田 均 イネとオオムギのボタニカルトーク(作物対話):形態篇.育種学研究 21: 69-74. (2019. 6)
(3) Ube, N., Harada, D., Katsuyama, Y., Osaki, K., Tonooka, T., Ueno, K., Taketa, S. and Ishihara, A. Identification of phenylamide phytoalexins and characterization of inducible phenylamide metabolism in wheat. Phytochemistry 167: 112098. (2019. 8.)
(4) Ube, N., Yabuta, Y., Tohnooka, T., Ueno, K., Taketa, S. and Ishihara, A. Biosynthesis of phenylamide phytoalexins in pathogen-infected barley. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20: 5541. (2019. 11.)