For long-term residents

【Requirements, period of stay and rent for long-term residency】
a. Long-term residency requirements
i. Long-term residence in Kurashiki Guest House is open to those who fall under one of the following conditions:
1. single exchange students
2. single visiting foreign researchers

Furthermore, residence eligibility is lost when:
■ a student is on temporary absence from school or must remain in the same grade for another year;
■ non-degree students who extend their period of study and remain as non-degree students (not including research students on a term or an extended term of less than one year); and,
■ those who has received a disciplinary punishment

※Only one person is permitted per room. Visitors (including family) are not allowed to lodge in the resident’s room under any condition. Residents who fail to observe this rule will be evicted immediately. If visitors want to lodge in the guest house, they may lodge there at the ordinary price. Single (per night): 3,000 yen or 3,500 yen, Twin (per night): 6,500 yen

b. Period of stay
i. The period of stay is from 2 weeks (13 nights and 14 days) to 1 (one) year.
ii. Tenants cannot extend their period of stay.
iii.The permitted period of stay for students is as follows;
1. March move-out residents: to March 26
2. September move-out residents: to September 25
*Tenants cannot live in the rooms for long-term residents without statuses in Okayama University. After graduation, residents may live in the guest house as short-term residents. Regarding the procedures, please refer to “Procedure for stopping long-term residence”.

c. Rent
i. Rent: 30,000yen per month
1. for tenancy less than one half of the month, half a month is charged.
→ 15,000yen
2. for tenancy greater than one half of the month, the full month is charged.
→ 30,000yen
ii. The television license fee and internet service fee are included in the rent.
iii. Residents must pay for their personal consumption of electricity, gas and water.

【Facility description】
a. Rooms for long-term residents
Type           Available Rooms       Floor
Single B            5                          2nd

b. Shares Facilities

(1st floor)manager’s room, meeting room, laundry room
(2nd floor)laundry room

c. Facilities each room
desk, chair, table lamp, bookcase, TV, living room table, sofa, induction cooktop, cupboard, refrigerator, microwave oven, water boiler pot, bed, curtains, air conditioner (hot and cold), closet, laundry pole, bath, toilet, Wi-Fi.

d. Laundry machines are available on each floor.

e. Residents must provide their own bedding. If residents wish to rent Futon sets, they should apply to the Institute of Plant Science and Resources Administration Office through their supervising professors. The covers, sheets and blankets are not included in the Futon set. Residents must provide them by themselves. Price is as follows:
Futon set rental (quilt, pillow and mattress pad): 40 yen per a day

a. Application for Researchers
i. Researchers may apply for accommodation from about 2 months before moving in.
For example, Applications are accepted from July 1st for September 10th move-in.
ii. Researchers must ask their supervising professors to register for accommodation.
1. Application for long- term accommodation (STAFF ONLY)
2. Registration form for visiting foreign researchers (STAFF ONLY)
iii. Long-term residence is open to the single visiting foreign researchers. Please ensure the supervisor that the procedure for visiting foreign researchers is completed.

b. Application for Students
i. Selection
1. The tenants are decided by selection. Applications are accepted in February for April 1st move-in, and August for October 1st move-in. Applications are accepted through the Institute of Plant Science and Resources Administration Office.
* Depending upon the number of room vacancies in the guest house, rooms may not be available.
*In case of more applicants than available rooms, the residents will be decided by order of priority regulated under Okayama University Kurashiki Guest House regulations and lot.
ii. Applicants must read application guideline for long-term residence posted on bulletin board carefully.

【Various forms for Kurashiki Guest House】

<Forms for moving in>

<Form for stopping long-term residence>

<Form for moving out>