Group of Nuclear Genomics

Group of Nuclear Genomics

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Associate Prof. Dr. Kiyotaka Nagaki
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Lectures: Analytical Molecular Cytogenetics
Keywords: Centromere; Artificial chromosome; Nucleus; Chromatin

Summary of main research topics

Design and synthesis of ‘chromosomes’ carrying new genome information
Nuclei that have very complex structures and various functions are the most important organelles in eukaryotic cells. Nuclear DNA are divided and packed into chromosomes, enabling the accurate transmission of genetic information to daughter cells. Our research group is studying the molecular structures and functions of nuclei and chromosomes, mainly in plants. Our most recent goal is the development of plant artificial chromosomes to elucidate chromosome functional elements: centromeres, telomeres, and replication origins. We are also interested in the relation between chromatin modifications and gene expression.

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) Habu, Y., Ando, T., Ito, S., Nagaki, K., Kishimoto, N., Taguchi-Shiobara, F., Numa, H., Yamaguchi, K., Shigenobu, S., Murata, M., Meshi, T. and Yano, M. Epigenomic modification in rice controls meiotic recombination and segregation distortion. Molecular Breeding 35: 644-653. (2015. 3.)
(2) Tek, A. L., Stupar, R. M. and Nagaki, K. Modification of centromere structure: a promising approach for haploid line production in plant breeding. Turkish J. Agri. Forest. 38: 1-6. (2015. 7.)
(3) Nagaki, K., Tanaka, K., Yamaji, N., Kobayashi, H. and Murata, M. Sunflower centromeres consist of a centromere-specific LINE and a chromosome-specific tandem repeat. Frontiers in Plant Science 6: 912. (2015. 10.)