• 【共同研究】
平成22年8月10日から10月8日まで、ケニアのジョモケニアッタ農工大学から2名の専門家Njue Mugai氏とCatherine Ngamau氏が来日し、植物ストレス科学について共同研究を行いました。Mugai氏はケニアで農業上大きな問題である酸性土壌で作物を効率よく育てるための遺伝資源について研究をされ、Ngamau氏はバナナの果実に共存するバクテリアの研究をされました。 平成22年10月1日、IPSR Kenya Day 2010を開催し、2名の研究者の成果およびケニアでの農業問題について議論をしました。

My stay in Japan was from 10th August to 8th October 2010. I was hosted by the Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University. I was invited to conduct research on banana and rice endophytes in regard to their potential as biological fertilizers. My invitation was courtesy of the Asia-Africa Scientific Platform Program (AASPP) with the support of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). I was a beneficially of the recently launched 3-year program on 'Establishment of Crop Stress Science Network for Increase of Food Production in Eastern Africa'. I did my research under the supervision of Assistant Professor Akio Tani, Biotec Stress Unit, Group of Plant-Microbe Interactions. The two months in the lab greatly enhanced my microbiology and molecular biology technical skills. I also learned new techniques like microorganism profiling using MALDI-TOF/MS/MS, separation of PCR-generated DNA products using Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE), and processing/assembling and analyzing of DNA sequences. I also participated in the weekly lab meetings organized by the Biotec Stress Unit under the leadership of Prof. Nobuhiro Suzuki. The lab meetings were very informative and educative, it was a place of sharpening each others scientific knowledge and application. On the 1st of October, Profs. Yoko Yamamoto and Wataru Sakamoto on behalf of JSPS-AASPP program organized a IPSR Kenya Day at the Institute whose theme was 'Joint Research in Plant Science', where I presented on 'Prospecting for a biofertilizer in banana endophytic bacteria in Kenya'. The BBQ party at the close of the day was very good. It was a great honor for me to be served by non other than the Institute's director. I also got opportunities to visit Okayama and Kyoto, which was very interesting for me. I greatly enjoyed the times of eating together as a team. My greatest challenge was language especially outside the institute. I also had challenges sitting on the floor carpet during meals time. In general the visit was productive and I felt well received and supported. The two months of research at IPSR has added a lot of value to my PhD studies. My sincere appreciation goes to all those who made it possible for me and my colleague Mugai san. to visit IPSR.