2017 Open Campus at IPSR visited by 485 people

On Saturday, May 13, 2017 (Saturday) the Institute of Plant Science and Resources opened to public. After 2-year break (2014-15 renovation) and unusual open day in August last year, the open campus resumed again in its most traditional time – in May this year.

Thanks to good weather and public interest in IPSR, as many as 485 people visited the campus this year!

As usual, various experiments and research with plants were introduced, including exhibitions of rice and barley, and barley field tour, some of which are depicted in the picture gallery. Traditionally, a Quiz Rally was very popular amongst visitors, especially those with all correct answers, and thus rewarded with small gifts, for example selection of plant seedlings (or nursery plants). We really appreciate their effort to understand various research topics at IPSR, and answer all questions in the quiz correctly!

Every year, the open campus is extremely valuable for us, so we can inform local people about IPSR research, receive their questions and hear their opinions, all of which will be very helpful in our future research work. Everyone who visited us, thank you so much for taking your time, and coming in this busy season!

We hope to see you all next year again!