IPSR professors visit BTI for Plant Research at Cornell University

In our continuous effort to promote international research at IPSR, we aim to develop closer ties with the world-leading institutes in plant research. In the series of “get to know each other” visits, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University was selected as one of the outstanding facilities in plant science.

On February 24-25, 2015, Prof. Ivan Galis (Group of Plant-Insect Interactions) and Assoc. Prof. Izumi Mori (Group of Environmental Response Systems) made a short but extremely informative visit at BTI. Despite cold weather in Ithaca and temperatures dropping below -20oC (this February was supposedly the 2nd coldest month in Ithaca history), two IPSR members obtained warm welcome from the current BTI President Prof. David Stern. After brief tour of BTI facilities introduced by Vice-President for Research Prof. Eric Richards, intensive discussion on research topics and organization of BTI took place between both sides, including post-graduate students and postdocs at BTI.

It is our hope that interactions between BTI and IPSR will lead to development of functional relationship between two historic institutions that share some strikingly common features. Both established by visionary man, William Boyce Thompson (BTI, 1924) and Magosaburo Ohara (IPSR, 1914), it is our common idea that we should extend their great visions for humanity and future for everyone by cultivating better plants that will feed the world.

Morning panorama of winther Ithaca town

BTI for Plant Research building on the Cornell University campus

Izumi Mori at the entrance of BTI for Plant Research

BTI for Plant Research entrance lobby with founder’s portrait