Our International Training Course in 2015

The second round of the IPSR International Training Course: Methods in Plant Stress Research was held at IPSR in August 24-28, 2015. In almost one week, foreign participants from the UK, USA and Taiwan, together with three young researchers from Japanese universities have been provided with a unique chance to learn several modern mass spectrometry (MS) analytical methods and their application in plant stress research. This year, hands on training using three MS instruments available at IPSR was provided:

  1. Plant hormone determination (jasmonic acid, salicylic acid, abscisic acid) by LC-MS/MS
  2. Analysis of plant volatiles released from herbivore attacked plants by GC-MS
  3. Fingerprinting of bacterial species isolated from leaf samples by MALDI-TOF-MS

A new laboratory in the Advanced Plant Science Research Building (opened in April 2015) was used for the first time in training sessions at IPSR, providing substantially improved conditions for the course participants, sample preparations and their analytical work.

As part of the  ITC 2015, plenary IPSR lecture presented by Professor Eric Richards (Boyce Thompson Institute for plant Reserch) entitled “The interface between epigenetics and plant stress responses” has illustrated the importance of epigenetics research in current (plant) biology. A special Round Table Lecture moderated by Prof. Richards was then targeted to course participants, providing additional open discussion forum for probing the concepts of epigenetics, regulation of environmental responses and evolution.

We hope that our social activities, such night walk at Kurashiki historical Bikan area, visit at the Ohara Museum of Art, IPSR library tour and small BBQ party on Wednesday evening successfully promoted informal contacts between participants, special guests and lectures, as intended by the multiple organizers. Sincere thanks for their great efforts!

Do you feel like participating or contributing next year? Let us know!

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