Memorandum of Understanding: Aiming for closer ties between IPSR and BTI

A formal MoU document was signed between IPSR and Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (BTI) (Ithaca, NY, USA) in a short ceremony held on Aug-26, 2015, attended by the BTI’s Vice President for Research, Prof. Dr. Eric Richards and the director of IPSR, Prof. Dr. Masahiko Maekawa. This MoU particularly encourages exchange of information and visits of researchers to find novel solutions for our common goals, plant and crop improvements as response to ongoing world challenges such as population growth and climate changes.

a Initiated by the visit of IPSR staff at BTI in February 2015, signing this MoU is the first practical step to strengthen the already existing and developing contacts between IPSR and BTI research groups. In a long term vision, we hope that IPSR and BTI will become local research hubs that will be actively bringing together plant researchers in Japan and USA.

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