Three Uganda’s representatives visit IPSR in December

For several years, IPSR has been promoting the international exchange and collaborative research with East Africa, especially with the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agricultural and Technology in Kenya. More recently, an exchange with the Makerere University (MU) in Kampala, and the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NACRRI) in Namulonge, Uganda – neighboring country of Kenya – has also been initiated. Memoranda supporting the mobility of staff and students were concluded between IPSR, and both institutions (MU, NACRRI) in 2016. Subsequently, in October 2016, Mr. Joackin Andama joined Okayama University, first as a research student for six months, to enroll later to Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science as a Master course student in next April. Joackin is, perhaps, the first Ugandan student ever studying at Okayama University.

In continuation of IPSR exchange with Uganda, following the recent trip to the sites by several IPSR staff members, three visitors including Dr. Godfrey Asea (Director of the NACRRI), Dr. Michael H. Otim (NACRRI), and Dr. Alex Lwakuba (Assistant Commissioner, Crop Production, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries) visited our institute on December 1, 2016. Their trip was a part of the JICA-organized short-term training program. Delegation was welcomed by the members of the International Collaboration Group at IPSR, which also provided a guided tour around the numerous institute facilities, fields and laboratories. Prof. M. Maekawa, IPSR director, Dr. G. Asea (NACRRI), and others introduced their research institutes and laboratories, and debated future collaborative research in the concluding roundtable discussion, widely attended by the IPSR international students. Lively discussion about research environment and studying in Japan provided many new ideas for the future development of even more fruitful collaboration ties between IPSR and NACRRI, and between both countries, Uganda and Japan.


Left to right: I. Galis, W. Sakamoto, N. Suzuki, M. Maekawa, G. Asea, M. Otim, A. Tani, and A. Lwakuba

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