2018 Open Campus at IPSR visited by 448 people

On Saturday, May 12, 2018 the Institute of Plant Science and Resources opened to public. Thanks to excellent weather and large public interest, as many as 448 visitors attended IPSR campus this year!

As usual, various experiments and research with plants were introduced by each group, including exhibitions of barley, field and library tours. Traditionally, Quiz Rally was very popular among visitors, especially those with all correct answers, and thus rewarded with a small gift such as selection of plant seedlings (or nursery plants).

The open campus is extremely valuable opportunity for us to inform local people about our research, receive questions and hear direct opinions from public, all of which will be very helpful in our future research work.

Thank you all for coming!

Plant Light Acclimation Research Group

Group of Environmental Response Systems

Group of Plant Stress Physiology

Group of Plant Molecular Physiology

Group of Plant-Microbe Interactions

Group of Plant-Insect Interactions

Group of Plant Environmental Microbiology

Group of Genome Diversity

Group of Genetic Resources and Functions

Group of Wild Plant Science

Group of Nuclear Genomics

Group of Genome Regulation

Group of Genome Regulation

International students

Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

Library –  Museum of history

Graduate School Counseling

The quiz rally