Special seminar by Prof. John Pickett, Rothamsted Research, UK on Wed Aug-27, 2014

Special seminar by Prof. John Pickett from Rothamsted Research, UK

Prof. Pickett will be visiting our institute to support the first IPSR International Training Course held between Aug 25-29, 2014. Besides recently being elected as Foreign Associate to National Academy of Sciences (NAS) USA, Prof. Pickett has been invited to give special lectures at Cornell University in 2008, and he was selected for the Royal Society’s The Croonian Prize Lecture in 2008.

His special lecture at IPSR is entitled:

New approaches to sustainable intensification of global food production from agroecological interventions to new generations of GM crops for protection against pests and beyond

Please download abstract here

Date: Wednesday, August-27
Time: 16:00-17:30
Place: IPSR Library 2F (Kurashiki Campus)

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