Special Seminar, Memorandum with BTI and BBQ party on Wed Aug-26

It is becoming a tradition that IPSR hosts the International Training Course at the end of August (this year Mon 24- Fri 28, 2015). As before, we would like to ask for your generous moral support and attendance. Both are very important for us.

As part of the course, following three activities are open to IPSR, and other interested researchers. Please book them in your calendar now!

*1. Special Lecture will be delivered by Prof. Eric Richards (Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Ithaca, USA). Eric is focusing on epigenetics and his talk should be interesting for general audience and every plant stress-related researcher.

Title: The interface between epigenetics and plant stress responses
Date: Wednesday, August-26
Time: 15:30-17:00
Place: Presentation Room, Advanced Plant Research Building (Kurashiki Campus)

Plants respond to abiotic and biotic stresses through a wide array of biochemical responses and morphological changes.  While most of these responses fall under the category of phenotypic plasticity – or transient, reversible defense programs – there is increasing interest in the possibility that more persistent and transmissible responses can be mediated by epigenetic mechanisms, such as covalent DNA and chromatin modifications, and RNA translocation or inheritance.  I will discuss these ideas and share some findings from my own lab based on our study of natural variation in cytosine methylation, as well as work on three-dimensional nuclear organization.

*2. Following the seminar, a Memorandum of Understanding between IPSR and Boyce Thompson Institute will be signed. This memorandum is aimed to promote research and personal exchange between our institutes. All IPSR members are sincerely welcomed to attend this short Ceremony.

Date: Wednesday, August-26
Time: right after the Seminar, 17:00-17:15
Place: Presentation Room, Advanced Plant Research Building (Kurashiki Campus)

*3. Finally, everyone is welcomed to participate in the BBQ party where you can meet the International Training Course participants, and celebrate the new Memorandum with BTI. Separate email with details will be circulated soon! Watch your mailbox!

Date: Wednesday, August-26
Time: from 17:30 ~ late

We look forward to your wide support and attendance!

The Organizers
2015 IPSR International Training Course: Methods in Plant Stress Research

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