Staff report from the 16th International Congress of Virology (Montreal, Canada)

Dr. Sotaro Chiba, a postdoctoral fellow in the Group of Plant-Microbe Interactions at IPSR, has recently been attending the 16th International Congress of Virology (ICV, a part of IUMS 2014) held in Montreal, Canada from July 27th to August 1st. He has been awarded a travel support grant for his trip from the congress committee ( In his oral presentation entitled “Transfection of the megabirnavirus RnMBV1 to a model filamentous fungus, Cryphonectria parasitica: biological significance and expression strategies,” colleges and researchers from other fields of virology have been given an overview of recent advances in fungal virology. Specifically, Dr. Chiba  introduced the establishment of a model filamentous fungal host for fungal virology studies, focusing on the viral biological/molecular properties and virus-host interactions. These results are believed to be useful for the better characterization of a number of novel fungal viruses in the future.

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