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The Second International Mycovirus Symposium:
      Mycoviruses: Virocontrol, neutralism and mutualism

The symposium will be organized as a satellite meeting of the International Congress of Virology to be held in Sapporo form September 11-16, 2011. Below are its prospectus and tentative schedules.

Mycoviruses are ubiquitous, found in all major groups of fungi. Fungal viruses were first found in mushroom in the 1950’s. Thus fungal virology is a relatively new field that, until recently, had been underappreciated. However, recent findings of a growing number of novel mycoviruses have expanded our knowledge of virus epidemiology, diversity and evolution. New insights into viral replication, gene expression strategies, virion structures, virus/host and virus/virus interactions, and the induction of RNA silencing antiviral defense responses have resulted from recent studies on mycoviruses. While many viruses cause asymptomatic infections in their host fungi, some influence fungal host physiology. A virus was recently shown to confer heat tolerance to the endophytic fungus host and, in turn, the plant host of the endophyte, giving an example of a novel type of mutualistic interactions. From the perspectives of applied sciences, mycoviruses have the potential to be used as virological (biological) control agents when they reduce virulence of their phytopathogenic host fungi.

Based on such scientific contributions, the importance of and appreciation for mycovirus research has been significantly elevated. Therefore, the symposium being organized is believed to be timely and  provide a unique opportunity for mycovirus researchers world wide to assemble and discuss every field of mycovirus research, i.e., the epidemiology, molecular evolution, molecular biology, and structural biology. The symposium will also facilitate interchange among young researchers and students working on mycoviruses.

The First International Mycovirus Symposium was held in May of 2008 which assembled an outstanding scientific program and provided a highly interactive and stimulating meeting environment.  I believe that the second one will also be a first rate international symposium on mycovirus research.  I look forward to welcoming you in Hokkaido and discussing mycovirology in the symposium that, I believe, will be exciting and productive.  September in the suburb of Sapporo is the best season, and rich in decent seafood.

Date:                               September 17-20, 2011 (start at 1:30, September 17
                                           and ends with a dinner party on September 20

Venue:                            Asari Classe Hotel (http://www.classe-hotel.com/)

Abstract submission:     July 1 -August 10 1, 2011

Registration:                Early Registration is available until July 31, 2011

Registration fee:            50,000 JPY including accommodation and meals for 3 nights and half day excursion

Important Information

     Abstract submission:    Abstracts will be accepted  from July 1, 2011 until August 1, 2011. Instructions on how to submit abstract will be written in the web site. An example of an abstract will be posted to facilitate submission. All abstracts will be basically for oral presentation.
Example of an abstract (word / pdf)

c program:       The 2nd IMS scientific program will include several sessions  for virus epidemiology, diversity and evolution, viral replication, gene expression strategies, virus/host and virus/virus interaction.  

The 2nd IMS program is now available! (pdf)

     Hotel accommodation: Accommodation has been pre-arranged by the organizing committee; it would be a shared-room type accommodation. Room assignment for the participants and accompanying guests will be made by the committee. If you have roommate preference, please send in advance requests to mycovirus@server.rib.okayama-u.ac.jp.

     Transportation:             Bus picks up participants at about 10:00 a.m., September 17 near JR Sapporo Station that will be specified when the date approaches.                                  

     Mode of payment:         All payments should be made in CASH (Japanese Yen) at the time of arrival in the registration area.

     Assistance:                    Should you need any assistance or have inquiries, please send email to mycovirus@server.rib.okayama-u.ac.jp  or contact us at (081) (86) 434-1231 to 32

Announcement for 2nd IMS (PDF)

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For more information contact Dr Suzuki at mycovirusATserver.rib.okayama-u.ac.jp

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