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About Plant Stress Science Network
グローバル化が進む現代社会において、地球レベルでの温暖化、酸性雨など、地球環境の著しい変化が私たちの食糧生産にも大きな影響を与えはじめています。加えて、19世紀以降の文明化による不良環境の増大と世界人口の爆発的な増加は、深刻な食糧危機を引き起こしつつあり、すでにアフリカ諸国などでは現実の問題となっています。21世紀における持続的な食糧生産には、不良環境や病害虫など、作物にとっての「ストレス」を克服する作物の開発が必須となり、それらを可能にするための基盤研究として「植物ストレス科学研究(Plant Stress Science、ここではPSSと呼びます)」は、ますます重要になると予想されます。

In modern societies, and as globalization advances, remarkable changes in the global environment, such as global warming and acid rain, exert great negative influence on food production worldwide. In addition, civilization and industrialization since the 19th century, and the explosive increase in the world population are causing serious food crisis, open- wound problem in some African countries, and other areas. For sustainable food production in the 21st century, it is essential to develop new generations of crops that will overcome limitations and "stresses", such as poor environment and pests. Here, basic research to achieve these goals, such as plant stress research or "Plant Stress Science" (PSS) is becoming increasingly important.
This PSS network supports researcher community that conducts basic research to analyze plant stress at various levels, such as molecules, cells, and whole individuals. We hope to encourage exchange of information among researchers, material provision, collaborative research through the PSSNet activities. For simplicity, stresses in plants are  divided into three categories, "abiotic", "soil" and "biotic", and we promote activities in each subnet, and among them. We hope for active support from researcher community actively working in this area. 

Many researchers, who study plants at universities and other locations are actually studying "plant stress" in some way... But there are many of those surrounded by fewer colleagues in their research area, those who cannot easily reach for advice or help. In large conferences, so common these days, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right person I want to meet, and research exchange stalls in many ways. The PSS network wants to become a platform that cherishes individual research, and promotes sharing of research information in multidirectional ways. Interesting websites, toolboxes, methods, meetings... check through PSSNet now...