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Frequently asked questions
How to use Plant Stress Science Research Network?
Plant Stress Science research network introduces researchers in each field to other registered researchers (users). Before using, please register first. Only after registering, you can view other researcher information.

Graduate student · Postdoctoral, but can we use the network?
We are targeting full-time researchers (faculty and staff etc) as collaborative research partners in PSSNet, so unfortunately graduate students and postdoctoral people can not restricted area. Please consult with your academic advisor or contact the network secretariat (please change AT to lowercase @) for advice. Email magazine is available. We will consider each case.

I did a user registration but a confirmation email did not arrive. I forgot the password
In addition to registration confirmation e-mail with automatic reply, we send you an e-mail notifying registration confirmation and user password from the network secretariat. Registration is done manually, so it may take some time to reply. If you do not have a confirmation and e-mail letting you know your password in a couple of days, it may be a system error, please inform the network secretariat (change AT to lowercase @).

When making registration, you can not attach a file.
If the registration does not proceed well with the file, please register without attachment once. Send the attachment file directly to (change AT in lowercase @ before sending to network secretariat).

Content entered in the registration content confirmation is not correct. It becomes double transmission.
If you press the send button incorrectly, you may get such an error. We are sorry but please fill in your registration details again and register. Processing may take some time after pushing the send button.

I'd like to change the registered content, what should I do?
For those who wish to change their registered contents, please change the registration contents from user registration. Please fill in your name, affiliation and e-mail for confirmation, please fill in Comment part your want to change and send. You do not have to fill in all the contents (just enter one randome letter in each field). Also, if you can contact the secretariat directly regarding your registration changes. If you have any request, please fill in the remarks in the remarks column.

It seems like you are moving to a different site ...
If you choose to use the restricted area of the network, ssl encrypted communication is used. It is a necessary security measure.