Group of Integrated Genomic Breeding

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Group of Integrated Genomic Breeding

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Group of Integrated Genomic Breeding

We will accelerate breed improvement
by using genome information of rice varieties!

Using rice productivity and environmental stress tolerance as a material, we clarified the characteristics of enormous rice genetic resources, which is the driving force for breeding improvement, from the viewpoint of genome composition, and found a method to find genes (group) that can cope with various breeding targets I will develop it. In addition, we will clarify the dynamics of genome and chromosome in crossbreeding, and develop techniques to connect useful genes and agronomic characters to breed cultivation in the shortest possible time.

  • Research

Exploring and utilization of useful traits from diverse rice genetic resources

Development of remote cross breeding in rice via polyploidization


Boosting up crop breeding by integrated bioinformatics and statistical genetics


Construction of  artificial chromosomes


Haploid induction by modification of kinetocores


Visualize epigenetic modifications


  • Member

Prof. YAMAMOTO, Toshio
E-mail: yamamo101040@ (Please, add "" after the at mark)
Assoc. Prof. NAGAKI, Kiyotaka
E-mail: nagaki@ (Please, add "" after the at mark)
Assist. Prof. Furuta, Tomoyuki
E-mail: f.tomoyuki@ (Please, add "" after the at mark)

  • Publications
Kuniyoshi, D., Masuda, I., Kanaoka, Y., Shimazaki-Kishi, Y., Okamoto, Y., Yasui, H., Yamamoto, T., Nagaki, K., Hoshino, Y., Koide, Y., Takamure, I., Kishima, Y. Diploid male gametes circumvent hybrid sterility between Asian and African rice. Frontiers in Plant Science 10.3389/fpls.2020.579305. 

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