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Silicon transporters

@Silicon (Si) is the most abundant mineral element in soil. It can help plants to overcome various abiotic and biotic stresses. High accumulation of Si is especially important for high and sustainable production of rice, a typical Si-accumulating species. We have identified three transporters involved in Si accumulation in rice. Lsi1 and Lsi2 are responsible for Si uptake in the roots. Lsi1 is localized at the distal side, whereas Lsi2 at the proximal side of both exodermis and endodermis cells. Lsi6 is localized at the xylem parenchyma cells of leaf blade and sheath, and xylem transfer cells of nodes. It is responsible for xylem unloading of Si and inter-vascular transfer of Si. In addition, we also have identified similar transporters in barley, wheat, maize and cucumber.



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