IPSR member Atif JAMAL gave a lecture at Jonan High School on Jan 14th

Atif Jamal delivered a lecture in Tokushima Prefectural Jonan High School on 14th January, 2014 under the JSPS Science Dialogue Program. The objective of this lecture was to develop interest amongst the high school students in research by interacting with international researcher. The topic of research was “Importance of Science and Research”. The students of tenth and eleventh grade, thirty nine in total (39) attended the lecture. Mr Haruhiko AKIYAMA, Super High School Director introduced Atif to the students. Atif started lecture by giving a brief description about IPSR to the students. During the lecture, he introduced students about his country, Pakistan, its geographical and historical value along with its culture, food and education system. After that he elaborated the importance of science and research in our daily lives by giving examples of human intelligence which has revolutionized this entire world. In the next part of the lecture, importance of English as a global language was discussed. He motivated them to learn and speak English as it will further enhance their skills academically and they will be able to understand all the latest cutting edge research / development being done around the world. In the last part of the lecture he introduced them with the research undertaken in the lab at IPSR. He discussed in detail the potential use of mycoviruses as a biocontrol agent. Lecture lasted for an hour and it was followed by Question and Answer session for twenty minutes. Students asked questions about the system of high school in Pakistan and also they were curious about the activities of high school students in Pakistan. Lecture was concluded with a vote of thanks and a group photo of the participants. For more information visit

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