Group of Plant Stress Physiology

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Faculty staff

Prof. Dr. Jian Feng Ma
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naoki YAMAJI
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Namiki MITANI
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Lectures: Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Stress Molecular Biology
Keywords: Mineral stress; Nutrition; Transport; Crop

Summary of main research topics

Strategies of plants to overcome mineral stresses
Plants rooting in soil must take up mineral nutrients as well as water for their growth. A deficiency or excess of a mineral element can cause growth inhibition. However, some plant species have developed strategies to overcome mineral stresses. Our group specifically examines the mechanisms of uptake, distribution, and accumulation of mineral elements including essential, beneficial and toxic elements from the intact plant level to the gene level. We aim at making a future contribution to sustainable and safe crop production.

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) Ma, J. F. Profile. New Phytologist 229: 673-674. (2021. 1.)
(2) Lei, G. J., Yamaji, N. and Ma, J. F. Two metallothionein genes highly expressed in rice nodes are involved in distribution of Zn to the grain. New Phytologist 229: 1007-1020. (2021. 1.)
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