Group of Plant-Microbe Interactions

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Faculty staff

Prof. Dr. Nobuhiro SUZUKI
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hideki KONDO
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kiwamu HYODO
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Lecture: Plant-Microbe/Insect Interactions, Advanced Molecular Virology, Applied Plant Virology, Applied Plant-Environmental Microbiology
Keywords: Virus; Biological control; Fungal pathogens; Methylobacterium; Virus evolution and systematics

Summary of main research topics

Ascertaining the interplay between plants and beneficial and harmful viruses or microorganisms
Plant growth is influenced by interactions between plants and various microorganisms. Viruses, bacteria and fungi pathogenic are threats to plants. By contrast, some viruses infect phytopathogenic fungi and reduce their virulence, thereby having potential as biocontrol agents. Beneficial bacteria and fungi enhance plant growth and confer stress tolerance. This group studies various bipartite (plant – virus, plant – symbiotic bacteria) or tripartite (plant – pathogenic fungus – mycovirus) interplays with specific examination of the multifaceted nature of microbes. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the promotion of healthy growth of crops and other plants.PMI

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) Sato, Y., Turina, M., Chiba, S., Okada, R., Bhatti, M. F., Kotta-Loizou, I., Coutts, R. H. A., Kondo, H., Sabanadzovic, S., Suzuki, N., ICTV Report Consortium. ICTV virus taxonomy profile: Hadakaviridae 2023. J. Gen. Virol. 104: 001820. (2023. 1.)
(2) Sato, Y., Das, S., Velasco, L., Turina, M., Osaki, H., Kotta-Loizou, I., Coutts, R. H. A., Kondo, H., Sabanadzovic, S., Suzuki, N., ICTV Report Consortium. ICTV virus taxonomy profile: Yadokariviridae 2023. J. Gen. Virol. 104: 001826. (2023. 1.)
(3) Pallas, V., Di Serio, F., Suzuki, N. The simplest RNA replicons, viroids: A tribute to Ricardo Flores. Virus Res. 323: 198996. (2023. 1.)
(4) Wang, H., Salaipeth, L., Miyazaki, N., Suzuki, N., Okamoto, K. Capsid structure of a fungal dsRNA megabirnavirus reveals its previously unidentified surface architecture. PLoS Pathog. 19: e1011162. (2023. 2.)
(5) Kondo, H., Sugahara, H., Fujita, M., Hyodo, K., Andika, I. B., Hisano, H., Suzuki, N. Discovery and genome characterization of a closterovirus from wheat plants with yellowing leaf symptoms in Japan. Pathogens 12: 358. (2023. 2.)
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(10) Zerbini, F. M., et al. (Suzuki, N.). Changes to virus taxonomy and the ICTV statutes ratified by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (2023). Arch. Virol. 168: 175. (2023. 6.)
(11) Cao, X., Wang, Z., Pang, J., Sun, L., Kondo, H., Andika, I. B. Identification of a novel dicistro-like virus associated with the roots of tomato plants. Arch. Virol. 168: 214. (2023. 7.)
(12) Kuhn, J. H., et al. (Kondo, H.). Annual (2023) taxonomic update of RNA-directed RNA polymerase-encoding negativesense RNA viruses (realm Riboviria: kingdom Orthornavirae: phylum Negarnaviricota). J. Gen. Virol. 104: 001864. (2023. 8.)
(13) Cornejo, C., Otani, T., Suzuki, N., Beenken, L. Cryphonectria carpinicola discovered in Japan: first report of the sexual state on Carpinus tree. Mycoscience 64: 123-127. (2023. 9.)
(14) Sato, Y., Hisano, S., Suzuki, N. Exploration of the yadokari/yadonushi nature of YkV3 and RnMBV3 in the original host and a model filamentous fungus. Virus Res. 334: 199155. (2023. 9.)
(15) Andika, I. B., Tian, M., Bian, R., Cao, X., Luo, M., Kondo, H., Sun, L. Cross-kingdom interactions between plant and fungal viruses. Annu. Rev. Virol. 10: 119-138. (2023. 9.)
(16) Sato, Y., Suzuki, N. Continued mycovirus discovery expanding our understanding of virus lifestyles, symptom expression, and host defense. Curr. Opin. Microbiol. 75: 102337. (2023. 10.)
(17) Andika, I. B., Cao, X., Kondo, H., Sun, L. The intriguing phenomenon of cross-kingdom infections of plant and insect viruses to fungi: Can other animal viruses also cross-infect fungi? PLoS Pathog. 19: e1011726. (2023. 10.)

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