Research Equipment

System name Equipment name Location User Guide (only in Japanese)
DNA sequencer ABI 3130xl, ABI3100 Main Building Room 302 The sequencer user must register in advance
Transmission electron microscope HITACHI H-7650 Building No.4  Room 102 Reservation table
Miniscope Miniscope TM3000 (HITACHI) Main Building Room 301
ICP-mass spectrometer Agilent7500cx Main Building Room 306
DNA microarray scanner Agilent Main Building Room 302
Real-time PCR LightCycler 96  & Step OneTM PCR Systems Main Building Room 302 Reservation table
Energy-saving transgenic plant growth chambers NK Greenhouse Prep. Room B & C
Laser Capture Microdissection Arctus-EBF Main Building Room 301
Ion Trap mass spectrometer Agilent 240 Ion Trap GC/MS Main Building Room 305
Freezer (-80℃) Forma 88400 (Thermo Fisher scientific) Main Building Room 305
Freezer (-20℃) GS-5210HC (Nihon Freezer) Main Building Room 305
TapeStation System TapeStation (Agilent) Main Building Room 305
Automated Liquid Handling Platform Bravo (Agilent) Main Building Room 305
Multi Beads Shocker homogenizer Multi-beads shocker MB1200 (Yasui) Main Building Room 305
Gas Chromatograph GC-2014 (Shimazu) Main Building Room 302
Chemiluminescence Imaging System FUSION
Image Quant LAS4000
Main Building Room 302  Reservation table
Bioanalyzer Agilent 2100 electrophoresis note system limited Main Building Room 302
MilliQ Integral system Milli-Q IQ7003 Main Building Room 302
Nano Photometer Nano Drop 2000c Building No.1 Room 216
All in one Fluorescence microscope KEYENCE BZ-X700 Main Building Room 301 Reservation table
Frozen microtomy equipment Cryostat HM525 Main Building Room 301 Reservation table
Rotary Microtome HM325 Main Building Room 301
Vacuum Microwave processor H2850 Main Building Room 301
Auto well γ system AccuFLEX γ7001 ARC-7001B RI
Darkroom (e.g., for developing films) Building No.2 Room 114
Chemiluminescence image analyzer HAMAMATSU ARUGUS-50 Building No.2 Room 114
Gel imaging device Printgraph Classic Building No.1 Room 216
Ultracentrifuge Beckman Optima XE-90 Main Building Room 202 Reservation table
High performance centrifuge Beckman AvantiTM J-26S XP Building No.1 Room 216
Tabletop centrifuge KUBOTA KN-70 Building No.1 Room 216
Milli-Q water purification system MILLIPORE
Milli-Q Integral 3
Main Building Room 302
Biolistic particle delivery system Bio-Rad PDS-1000/He Main Building Room 309
Washer Miele PG 8536 Main Building Room 309 Equipment User’s Guide & Reservation table
Isolation/quarantine greenhouse Isolation/quarantine greenhouse User’s Guide
Large-format printer Canon iPF8100 Library 2F User’s Guide
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