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Japan Advanced Plant Science Research Network (PSR-Net)

Important notice: The operation of PSR-Network was terminated in March 2017. Regarding the use of individual instruments listed below, please contact directly the person in charge and request about the conditions for use under the “common instrument” status of IPSR. Charges for sample processing and measurements will apply according to each instrument rules.

IPSR branch: Plant Stress Analysis and Evaluation Platform

Advanced Plant Science Research Network was launched in 2010 by RIKEN Plant Science Center to “promote infrastructure for scientific research towards the realization of a low-carbon society”. Nine state-of-the-art research institutions in Japan possessing a strong know-how and highly developed technological foundations, currently engaged in top-level plant research have gathered together to support a broad community of plant scientists in Japan by providing cutting-edge analysis platforms for their research. For details regarding the complete Network and its organization, please click on the banner bellow (only available in Japanese).
Link to former PSR-Net website

The Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University, while taking advantage of its established track-record in plant stress and bioresource science, and its recognized identity as national “Joint Usage/Research Center”, has adopted an integral role in the Network by providing collaboration-based services in specific area of plant responses to stress. IPSR accommodates and supports the advanced research platform to quantify various stress responses in plants at molecular, cellular and organismal levels to understand the multifaceted stress defense, resistance and tolerance mechanisms in plants.

If you would like to use the Advanced Network “Plant Stress Analysis and Evaluation Platform” available at IPSR campus, please contact our person in charge as listed in the following Network Instrument and Facility table.

System name Equipment name Location Contact person
(* person in charge)
User Guide
(only in Japanese)
Multi-stress plant growth system   Field K. Sato* &
M. Maekawa
Equipment User’s Guide
Physiological and cell stress analysis system Portable photosynthesis and fluorescence system
Main Building Room 307 N. Suzuki* &
W. Sakamoto
Equipment User’s Guide & Reservation table
Electropotential analysis system for plant cells Main Building Room 308 N. Suzuki* &
M. Katsuhara
Equipment User’s Guide & Reservation table
Confocal laser scanning microscope (FV1000d) Main Building Room 301 N. Suzuki* &
W. Sakamoto
Equipment User’s Guide & Reservation table
(Beckman OptimaTM L-100K)
Building No.1 Room 216 N. Suzuki* Equipment User’s Guide & Reservation table
Small molecule and plant hormone analysis system Agilent 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS Main Building Room 306 T. Hirayama* &
I. Mori
Equipment User’s Guide & Reservation table
Stress response and gene analysis apparatus Illumina
iScan system
Main Building Room 302 K. Sato* Equipment User’s Guide
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