Plant Light Acclimation Research Group

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Faculty staff

Prof. Dr. Wataru SAKAMOTO
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Sonoda2.jpg Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ryo MATSUSHIMA
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Sonoda2.jpg Assitant Prof. Dr. Yuki OKEGAWA
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Lectures: Model Plant Genetics and Breeding, Plant Physiology and Genetics
Keywords: Photosynthesis; Organelle structure and development; Chloroplast; Light

Summary of main research topics

Photosynthesis and chloroplast biogenesis: Understanding to innovation
Our life on earth cannot continue without the atmospheric environment, which is maintained by oxygenic photosynthesis. Plants perform photosynthesis in chloroplasts, where light energy is converted into chemical energy by a series of electrochemical reactions. In contrast, sessile land plants are exposed incessantly to excess light energy or harsh atmospheric environments that engender ‘photodamage’. How do plants cope with such photosynthetic inactivation? What are the key elements to maintaining or even maximizing chloroplast functions? Our group studies various aspects of chloroplast development and photosynthesis. Through understanding of the factors involved in photoprotection and chloroplast function, we aim at improving crop productivity against atmospheric stress over the long term.

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) Nishioka, K., Kato, Y., Ozawa, S. I., Takahashi, Y. and Sakamoto, W. Phos-tag-based approach to study protein phosphorylation in the thylakoid membrane. Photosynth. Res. 147 (1): 107-124. (2021. 1.)
(2) Takanashi, H., Shichijo, M., Sakamoto, L., Kajiya-Kanegae, H., Iwata, H., Sakamoto, W. and Tsutsumi, N. Genetic dissection of QTLs associated with spikelet-related traits and grain size in sorghum. Sci. Rep. 11 (1): 9398. (2021. 4.)
(3) Ida, T., Crofts, N., Miura, S., Matsushima, R. and Fujita, N. Structure and Properties of Starch in Rice Double Mutants Lacking Starch Synthase (SS) IIa and Starch Branching Enzyme (BE) Iib. J. Appl. Glycosci. 68: 31-39. (2021. 4.)
(4) Sakamoto, W. With Greetings and Hope for a Recoverable 2021: From the PCP Editor-In-Chief. Plant Cell Physiol. 62 (2): 219-221. (2021. 5.)
(5) Sakamoto, W. Editorial Feature: Meet the PCP Editor-In-Chief-Wataru Sakamoto. Plant Cell Physiol. 62 (2): 222-223. (2021. 5.)
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(7) Taketa, S., Hattori, M., Takami, T., Himi, E. and Sakamoto, W. Mutations in a Golden2-Like Gene Cause Reduced Seed Weight in Barley albino lemma 1 Mutants. Plant Cell Physiol. 62 (3): 447-457. (2021. 7.)
(8) Jing, Z., Wacera, F. W., Takami, T., Takanashi, H., Fukada, F., Kawano, Y., Kajiya-Kanegae, H., Iwata, H., Tsutsumi, N. and Sakamoto, W. NB-LRR-encoding genes conferring susceptibility to organophosphate pesticides in sorghum. Sci. Rep. 11 (1): 19828. (2021. 10.)
(9) 坂本 亘 光合成装置のアッセンブリと分解によるダイナミクス. 光合成 pp.189-193.(日本光合成学会編)ISBN 9784254171761 (2021. 12.)
(10) 桶川友季 シロイヌナズナにおいて光化学系I サイクリック電子伝達は厳密に制御されている. 光合成研究 31 (3): 154-161. (2021. 12.)
(11) Okegawa, Y., Tsuda, N., Sakamoto, W. and Motohashi, K. Maintaining the Chloroplast Redox Balance Through the PGR5-Dependent Pathway and the Trx System is Required for Light-Dependent Activation of Photosynthetic Reactions. Plant Cell Physiol. doi: 10.1093/pcp/pcab148. (2021. 10. Online preview)

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