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Prof. Dr. Hiroshi HISANO
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daisuke SAISHO
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Lecture: Plant Diversity Genetics, Diversity Analysis of Plant Genomes
Keywords: Barley; Database; Genome diversity; World barley seed collection

Summary of main research topics

Analysis and application of genome diversity in barley genetic resources
Our group conducts research on the analysis and application of genome diversity using ca. 15,000 accessions of barleys with special reference to East Asian landraces including experimental lines and wild relatives. The subjects of our research are (1) Evaluation of barley genetic resources and genome diversity, (2) Generation and application of information and resources on the barley genome, (3) Analysis of industrially important traits in barley. In addition to seed samples of accessions, cDNA and BAC clones (including individual clones, pooled BAC DNA for screening, high-density replica membranes and complete clone set of barley) were distributed worldwide with the support of the National BioResource Project.

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) 久野 裕・加星光子・安倍史高・佐藤和広 ゲノム編集によるムギ類種子休眠性の改良. ゲノム編集技術 : 実験上のポイント/ 産業利用に向けた研究開発動向と安全性周知. 情報機構. pp. 183-192. ISBN: 9784865022421 (2023.1.)
(2) Degu, H. D., Tehelku, T. F., Kalousova, M., Sato, K. Genetic diversity and population structure of barley landraces from Southern Ethiopiaʼs Gumer district: Utilization for breeding and conservation. PLoS ONE 18: e0279737. (2023. 1.)
(3) Kondo, H., Sugahara, H., Fujita, M., Hyodo, K., Andika, I. B., Hisano, H. Suzuki, N. Discovery and genome characterization of a Closterovirus from wheat plants with yellowing leaf symptoms in Japan. Pathogens 12: 358. (2023. 2.)
(4) Koide, H., Hisano, H. Yaeno, T. CRISPR/Cas9-based generation of mlo mutants for allelic complementation experiments to elucidate MLO function in barley. Journal of General Plant Pathology 89: 153-158. (2023. 3.)
(5) 佐久間 俊・久野 裕 麦学オンサイトセミナー:研究成果をどう育種に活かすのか? 育種学研究 25: 41-43. (2023. 3.)
(6) 佐藤 豊・ 草場 信・内藤 健・磯部祥子・有泉 亨・佐藤修正・佐藤和広・新倉 聡・ 赤木剛士 ゲノムと新技術により輝きを増す遺伝資源と育種学の未来. 育種学研究 25: 33-40. (2023. 3.)
(7) Matsushima, R., Hisano, H., Galis, I., Miura, S., Crofts, N., Takenaka, Y., Oitome, N. F., Ishimizu, T., Fujita, N., Sato, K. FLOURY ENDOSPERM 6 mutations enhance the sugary phenotype caused by the loss of ISOAMYLASE1 in barley. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 136: 94. (2023. 4.)
(8) 佐藤和広・草場 信・石井孝佳・中園幹生・久野 裕・門田有希 植物の遺伝と育種(第3 版)(佐藤和広・草場 信・中園幹生 編). 朝倉書店. ISBN-13: 9784254420470 (2023. 4.)
(9) Sato, K., Kusaba, S., Ishii, T., Nakazono, M., Hisano, H., Monden, Y. Plant Genetics and Breeding (Sato, K., Kusaba, S., Nakazono, M. eds.) Asakura Publishing. ISBN: 9784254420487 (2023. 4.)
(10) Genievskaya, Y., Almerekova, S., Abugalieva, S., Abugalieva, A., Sato, K., Turuspekov, Y. Identification of SNPs Associated with Grain Quality Traits in Spring Barley Collection Grown in Southeastern Kazakhstan. Agronomy 13: 1560. (2023. 6.)
(11) Kishi-Kaboshi, M., Abe, F., Kamiya, Y., Kawaura, K., Hisano, H. Sato, K. Optimizing genome editing efficiency in wheat: Effects of heat treatments and different promoters for single guide RNA expression. Plant Biotechnology 40: 237-245. (2023. 9.)
(12) Brabham, H. J., Gómez, De La Cruz D., Were, V., Shimizu, M., Saitoh, H., Hernández-Pinzón, I., Green, P., Lorang, J., Fujisaki, K., Sato, K., Molnár, I., Šimková, H., Doležel, J., Russell, J., Taylor, J., Smoker, M., Gupta, Y. K., Wolpert, T., Talbot, N. J., Terauchi, R., Moscou, M. J. Barley MLA3 recognizes the host-specificity effector Pwl2 from
Magnaporthe oryzae. Plant Cell koad266. (2023. 10.)
(13) Degu, H. D., Semahegn, A., Sato, K. Marker-assisted selection of one-kbp insertion at the 5ʼ UTR region of HvAACT1 gene improves plant performance under acidic soil growth conditions in barley (Hordeum vulgare). Euphytica 219:122. (2023. 11.)
(14) 佐藤和広 ムギ類の重要形質と育種. マイコトキシン. 74 (2023. 11.)
(15) 佐藤和広 スヴァールバル世界種子貯蔵庫. はなとやさい 2023 年12 月号:29-32.(2023. 12.)
(16) Abiko, T., Todoroki, T., Thanh, H. P. T., Nakamura, T., Haraguchi, Y., Tanaka, T., Saisho, D., Kai, H. Barley varieties tolerant to waterlogged reduced soil show the better root growth in hypoxia, Plant Production Science 26: 429-439. (2023. 8. Online preview)

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