Group of Functional Biomolecular Discovery

Faculty staff

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Manabu SUGIMOTO
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Assist. Prof. Dr. Kazuhide RIKIISHI
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Lectures: Model Plant Genetics and Breeding, Physiology of Environmental Responses, Plant Genome Regulation, Molecular Biology in Environmental Adaptation, Plant Cellular Biochemistry, Plant Cytomolecular Biochemistry, Advanced Biomacromolecular Science
Keywords: Rice; Wheat; Transposon mutagenesis; Crop; Mineral stress

Summary of main research topics

Analysis of genetic and physiological regulation mechanisms for food production
Sustainable agriculture and securing a sufficient supply of food are very important subjects for people living harmoniously in natural environments in the 21st century. This group conducts analyses of genetic factors for greater production efficiency using endogenous transposon and gene introduction or genome rearrangement from wild species in rice. Important seed dormancy in wheat is analyzed genetically and physiologically. In addition, the isolation of genes for tolerance of metal stresses or oxidation stresses in wild plants and their expression analysis are conducted. Furthermore, plants are being developed that can grow in space and in inferior environments on Earth.

Latest publications (for complete and most current publications visit group pages)

(1) Ohnishi, N., Sugimoto, M., Kondo, H., Shioya, K., Zhang, L., Sakamoto, W. Distinctive in vitro ATP hydrolysis activity of AtVIPP1, a chloroplastic ESCRT-III superfamily protein in Arabidopsis. Front. Plant Sci. 13: 949578. (2022. 7.)
(2) Kondo, Y., Rikiishi, K., Sugimoto, M. Rice nudix hydrolase OsNUDX2 sanitizes oxidized nucleotides. Antioxidants 11: 1805. (2022. 9.)

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