Implementation of RECTOR program at IPSR

A new RECTOR* program to accelerate Okayama University research reform has been launched this year. This program aims to recruit three excellent foreign researchers to help with establishment of new Centers-of-Excellence at Okayama University in the fields of Natural, Life Science, and Medicine, and to foster young scientists during their appointment at selected Departments of the University. As part of this program, IPSR will invite and collaborate with Professor Michael Hippler from University of Muenster, who is a renowned expert in the field of photosynthesis research. As host PI, Professor W. Sakamoto from IPSR will engage in this collaboration that will help to promote research in the Institute’s Atmospheric Stress Unit. For details about RECTOR program, please download this information file (English or Japanese) or check current Okayama University Press Release (available only in Japanese).
* RECTOR (Research Center Formation Program to Accelerate Okayama University Reform)

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