IPSR members, Ana EUSEBIO-COPE and Atif JAMAL featured in the JSPS 2013/2014 brochure

The Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) has recently updated its newest edition of the JSPS 2013-2014 information brochure by capturing various activities of JSPS fellows in a collage photo cover. You can find Ana EUSEBIO-COPE and Atif JAMAL of the Plant-Microbe Interactions group as they have been engaged in the JSPS organized activities during the conduct of interview for an article featured in the JSPS Quarterly, and attendance of orientation for new JSPS fellows, respectively. You can learn much more about JSPS programs catering both the national and international communities by downloading the brochure from their website. For more details, see page 28 (Ana) and 30 (Atif) of the JSPS 2013-2014 brochure… Can you find them?

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