Defense hormone in rice is involved in seed development

[著者] Fukumoto K, Alamgir Md K, Yamashita Y, Mori IC, Matsuura H, Galis I

[論文タイトル] Response of rice to insect elicitors and the role of OsJAR1 in wound and herbivory-induced JA-Ile accumulation

[掲載論文] Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 55 (8): 775–784 (2013)  DOI: 10.1111/jipb.12057

[使用した共通機器] This research was supported by the Japan Advanced Plant Science Network by providing the LC-MS/MS instruments for hormone measurements.

[内容紹介]  Plants produce jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine (JA-Ile) as a major defense signal during herbivory and wounding. The biosynthesis of JA-Ile is mediated by enzymes known as JASMONATE RESISTANT (JAR) genes. Using transposon tag lines inserted into the OsJAR1 gene, we showed that OsJAR1 is responsible for wound-induced JA-Ile biosynthesis in rice. Moreover, rice plants deficient in OsJAR1 function (and JA-Ile biosynthesis) were male sterile, suggesting that JA-Ile is also essential for rice pollen and seed development. In the future, we will use the Osjar1 mutant plants to unravel JA-Ile regulated defense responses and involvement of this hormone in reproductive development of rice plants.

OsJAR1 fig

お問い合わせ先: Group of Plant-Insect Interactions